PREMIA’s auditing and claims management software utilizes intelligent technology powered by a sophisticated Integrated Information System called “SYSTHEMO”, designed and developed especially for PREMIA.

The medical claims processing system analyses and evaluates millions of compiled claim transactions to generate accurate reports and reliable informatics which allow our clients to manage costs and streamline medical review while maintaining efficient utilisation of healthcare resources. SYSTHEMO software provides the most accurate and up-to-the minute information, regarding the online briefing of the course of hospitalization of patients, as well as, the elimination of administrative errors and the time of the auditing process.

At the same time, our software, allows for the daily collection of statistical reports, including epidemiological, financial and other data, as well as comparative statistics from past hospitalizations or from other clinics cooperating with the insurance company. It also includes a comprehensive suite of processing tools that can be configured according to our specific client needs.